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Checking your Credit will NOT harm Your Scores!

Did you know that your credit scores could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Credit scores are based on your credit report which contains information on your loans, credit cards and all other forms of credit. It is very important to keep updated on this information since it can mean the difference between a low or high-interest rate when you apply for any type of credit. The creditor needs to verify that you are reliable and creditworthy before giving you a loan and assigning an appropriate interest rate. Along with keeping an eye on your credit history, it is important to check your credit report for unauthorized charges and inaccuracies. There are services which monitor these changes for you and identify you with any suspicious activity.

Your credit report is a very personal document which should not be shared freely. There is the chance of identity theft if your credit report was made available to unknown people. Since your credit report not only contains your financial information such as loans and credit cards, it also contains personal information such as addresses and social security numbers. Therefore it is important to monitor your credit report regularly either manually or through a service.

Your credit report from Experian, Equifax or Transunion includes the following information:

Account report summary (current and past credit status, number of open and closed accounts, balances of accounts, historic high balances, payment history, if accounts are current or delinquent)

Public records (bankruptcy records, government court records, liens, judgments and child support records)

Credit Inquires (a list of everyone who has requested your report in the last 2 years)

Detailed credit history (information about your loan payments, credit card debt and payment history)

It is very important that this information is protected and shown only to creditors that you are aware of. Any unauthorized charges or activity should be reported immediately to the credit bureaus before it negatively impacts your credit score. The three credit bureaus all have monitoring services such asĀ fcra that will notify you of any suspicious changed to your credit report.

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